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April 14, 2017
Spending Time in Cardiff: 5

Katy Perry is a result of sing at today's Super Bowl, the biggest evening in United States recreationThe brand new England Patriots and reigning champions Seattle Seahawks tend to be set to square off when you look at the biggest sporting occasion of the year this evening.

But how could you view Super Bowl XLIX if you should be in Cardiff and not Arizona? Wales on the web has got the details.

Heading Out

Cardiff's night-life really comes out in force for Super Bowl Sunday. Live lounge is placing the overall game up on all its big displays whilst 10 Feet Tall are allocating their particular two biggest displays for the game. 10 ft Tall are supplying beverages discounts including shots for £2, spirit and mixer for £2.50 and pitchers of alcohol for £10. Hot dogs and nachos will additionally be readily available.

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For people truly in to the online game, Walkabout have got by themselves a duplicate of Madden 15 for PS3 available for all to possess a play on prior to the game begins.

An alternative choice for seeing the game in Cardiff's City Centre is The Bunker Sports with 15 screens offered including nine 50” plasma displays. Those wanting to reserve an area tend to be expected to phone 02 to avoid at a disadvantage.

Staying In

Heading out on Super Bowl Sunday just isn't for everybody. Using the game beginning at 11:30pm, the copious level of ad pauses throughout are able to turn it into a tremendously lengthy night.

Should your strategy the night is curl up regarding chair and capture the overall game on television it is available on both Channel 4 and Sky Sports 1.

Channel 4 start their protection at 10:30pm anchored by Nat Coombs that is accompanied by analyst Mike Carlson.

Welshman Gethin Jones is pitch side in Arizona with Vernon Kay and celebrity of TV's guy vs. Food Adam Richman.

La-da-da-da-dah, it's the only & just @SnoopDogg with @GethincJones. See much more from 10:30pm on Sunday, C4 #Snooperbowl

— C4NFL (@C4NFL)

Sky Sports begin their coverage slightly previously at 10pm aided by the ever-present Kevin Cadle hosting alongside Neil Reynolds.

The video game is anticipated to operate until about 2am.

For those of you hosting friends when it comes to online game, have you thought to take to making some nachos with plunge or some BBQ flavoured chicken wings?


Sprinkle tortilla potato chips into a large range proof dish. Scatter with sliced up jalapeño peppers and grated cheese and prepare in range (220C/Gas7) until the mozzarella cheese features melted (about 4-5 mins)


Blend collectively three finely sliced tomatoes, one red chilli, a dash of tabasco, a peeled garlic clove, liquid from a single large lime while having a tablespoon of additional virgin olive oil. Keep to stand for ten minutes.

BBQ Flavoured Chicken Wings:

In a blender, purée 1 / 2 a cup of BBQ sauce, one pepper, one teaspoon of cumin plus one tsp of paprika until smooth.

Pour into a blending dish adequate to carry all of the wings.
In a shallow dish, whisk together a glass of flour, one tablespoon all of cumin and paprika, and period it with salt and pepper. Sprinkle the wings with salt-and-pepper.

Fill a pot with 6 inches of oil and put on a top temperature. Toss the chicken wings inside experienced flour until well-coated, shaking from the excess flour.

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