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November 12, 2016

Summer time of 2015 features seen a massing of support for refugees in European countries. If even the usually aggressive frequent Mail urges united states to think of the life lost in the Mediterranean, inflammatory and entirely dehumanising remarks like those of Katie Hopkins, simply seem like a remote memory – plus the concern towards ‘the various other’ your media had for such a long time attemptedto smear us all with, seems to finally be really and undoubtedly switching.

Inside context, as well as the thousands of people who're joining social media marketing promotions, creating teams and organisations, increasing thousands of pounds in donations, and making trips to Calais, in addition to now in addition contacting current organisations to inquire of to find out more and supply assistance, and helping deliver existing campaigns (like those of City of Sanctuary, Oxfam and people UK) closer together in a larger nature of solidarity, we're able to be heading towards a move from ‘little islander’ narrative that events like UKIP have played on, and produce a narrative of intercontinental solidarity and a provided fate for all of us as 21st century international people. But the after that months transpire with regards to the media protection and quantities of help, individuals will nevertheless want to seek sanctuary in Europe from military warfare and also the even more oppressive regimes, so we must not your investment lots of people who're still however in order to make Britain their house, at the least for some time, and show men and women some of the exact same welcome that's been so inspiring to see transcribed on banners across baseball arenas in towns and cities in Germany, and also at the railroad stations as men and women arrive – including now in Budapest, as donated shoes tend to be kept for the following to arrive truth be told there.

Wales has arrived collectively showing its support – the world of Sanctuary promotion has-been launched and Facebook teams to aid people in Calais and beyond have actually attracted lots of people. Below are a few for west and south Wales:

Welcome to Wales (Croeso i Gymru) roadway sign Southern Road indications indications and Signage

Cardiff became the city it's these days due to immigration. The docks in Cardiff had been built by the sweat regarding the eyebrow of Irish migrant labour within the nineteenth century. They brought folks from across the world to be in right here and develop a life for themselves. We truly need a 21st century tradition of hospitality and welcome across Wales, especially for refugees who're pursuing sanctuary from war and persecution.

At midday today, Wales will hold at the very least three demonstrations to guide refugees and migrants, and emphasize the need for greater assistance for Syrians as well as other asylum seekers already in britain. The Cardiff demonstration is known as ‘Wales claims #RefugeesWelcome’ – establishing the hashtag that trended as views relating to this summertime’s refugee crisis changed. It will probably construct during the statue of Aneurin Bevan, once we keep in mind that the NHS wouldn’t become same without having the persistence and commitment of migrant labour in Britain. It will probably end with a march on home business office on Newport Road.

This protest happens to be started by campaigners from Cardiff People’s Assembly, Cardiff Stop the War Coalition. HOPE not hate Southern Wales, No Borders Southern Wales, Rumney Forum, UNITE Cardiff Community department and others. Its sustained by Welsh Refugee Council and Trinity Centre Cardiff. It's section of a European day of activity. The activists of Europe can perhaps work together, even as the governments of this country says argue over who is at fault and just what maxims of the EU might remain after this summertime. It is indeed working class solidarity this is certainly needed inside your, and it is part of the migrant fight. If the working-class is split, the elite believe it is better to exploit united states – its only through solidarity that people can build on which we've in accordance, after that concentrating together from the need certainly to challenge those elite powers, that, currently, can determine our lives and our futures – and interact never to be ruled by them. The refugees’ battle is our challenge, and we’ve got some sort of to win.

Source: noborderswales.wordpress.com
Niall teaching Liam to do a welsh accent, Cardiff Motorpoin
Niall teaching Liam to do a welsh accent, Cardiff Motorpoin
Welsh Singers
Welsh Singers
Welcome to Cardiff
Welcome to Cardiff
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