Port Talbot to Cardiff train times

August 18, 2017
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Tens of thousands of followers going to see One way in Cardiff face being affected

Transport chaos could strike Cardiff next Friday when a fully planned rail strike will coincide with shows when you look at the city by Manic Street Preachers and something Direction.

Path closures may also be in force within the money about what has already been being dubbed ‘Black Friday’ with partial closures from 2pm before complete roadway closures from 5pm.

Tens of thousands of followers are maneuvering to the town for two gigs using the Manics set-to play a huge homecoming program at Cardiff Castle while One Direction will play during the Millennium Stadium in the first of two gigs.

And many could be struck because of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union strike that could wreak havoc for train travellers and commuters alike.

Contingency plans

The union, that has been embroiled in a pay dispute with system Rail, announced on Thursday staff will go out for 24 hours from 5pm on Summer 4 – indicating the attack will not end until 5pm after that Friday, whenever gates are caused by open up for example Direction’s show, where they will be supported by McBusted.

Dodgeball with James Corden and One DirectionThe Manics are due to go on phase at Cardiff Castle at around 8.30pm the exact same evening.

RMT staff may also be preparing a second hit, this time for 48 hours, on June 9.

a system Rail spokesman said following the strike statement: “We won’t have actually any such thing particular [on Cardiff] however but we will be using the services of all train operators in contingency programs.”

Want to get inside mood the Manics? Listed here is their story in photos:

A spokesman for First Great west stated: “As we all know the last strike was cancelled so we continue to be optimistic that Network Rail and the RMT will be able to reach an agreement and give a wide berth to any disturbance to our clients.

'Severely impacted'

“We will likely to be talking to Network Rail about the particular influence this might have on very first Great Western services. But, if the activity proceed, it is likely to possess a substantial impact on our power to operate our trains.”

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The spokesman added: “We will publish programs as soon as possible to permit customers to produce an informed choice about their trips.”

A spokesman for Arriva Trains Wales stated it absolutely was too-early to discuss the ramifications for the attack.

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Source: www.walesonline.co.uk
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