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April 10, 2018
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Towards the top of the device, definitely, is the recently-renamed the "Dafabet Welsh Premier League", formerly referred to as League of Wales. It is our national league, created in 1992, plus the just nationwide competition - all leagues below it operate on a regional foundation, the greater localised the further down the pyramid you choose to go.

The next tier, immediately underneath the Welsh Premier, consists of two leagues, each addressing 'half' the country: representing the south of the country there is the Welsh Football League (Division 1) and representing the North and Central Wales areas could be the Cymru Alliance. The champions of each and every could be marketed into the Welsh Premier, at the mercy of ground requirements. If champions are not qualified, the runners-up are considered. All is well so far, but things get less shaped and much more complicated from now on!

The big difference between both areas is the fact that in south the Welsh League features two even more divisions below Division One, with advertising and relegation between these divisions (more of the south later on) in the north, the Cymru Alliance has just the main one division, and it has a feeder league construction of their very own at 3rd level of the pyramid, with three regionalised leagues feeding involved with it, each addressing the regional football connection areas: the Spar Mid Wales League within the Central Wales FA region (Powys and Ceredigion), the Welsh Alliance within the North Wales Coast FA area (all of the old counties of Gwynedd and Clwyd) and the Welsh League (Wrexham location) within the little North East Wales FA area around Wrexham. As it is the scenario higher-up, champions are eligible for promotion, runners-up if champions cannot/will never be marketed.

Below these third level leagues tend to be much more localised leagues: in Central Wales you can find four leagues feeding in to the Mid Wales League (addressing Cardiganshire, Montgomeryshire, Mid Wales South, and Aberystwyth areas respectively). At the same time underneath the Welsh Alliance there are the Gwynedd League and the Clwyd League and these have feeder leagues of their own including the Anglesey League. The Wrexham region League has actually two reduced divisions of its very own but no feeder leagues below it.

Today back again to the south: because of the Welsh League having three divisions, all-covering the entire Southern Wales geographical area, it's not and soon you have down seriously to amount 5 associated with the pyramid that there surely is a far more localised structure. But even then your picture is inconsistent. Marketing to, and relegation from, the Welsh League is structured (such as the north) across the three local Football Associations (Gwent FA, South Wales FA and West Wales FA). Each can deliver one promoted club up to the Welsh League. This might be straightforward sufficient in Gwent, where there was one senior league - the Gwent County League - whose champions (or runners-up) are eligible, if they satisfy Welsh League criteria. (underneath the three divisions of the Gwent County, you can find regional leagues in Newport, East Gwent, Central Gwent and North Gwent...).

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