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October 10, 2014

image of the inner of St Idloes Church in LlanidloesIndoor of St Idloes Church in Llanidloes

Locations of worship reside a unique place in the historical environment of Wales. Most are fine buildings. At least 3, 000 locations of worship are listed โ€” including 214 at class we โ€” which shows their architectural and historic value. Although quality of their particular architecture and artistry additionally reflects their importance in social life across Wales over hundreds of years.

However, the durability of our historical locations of worship across Wales happens to be under risk for several reasons, including dwindling congregations, a reluctance to take into account future choices and/or capacity to take them forward. Currently, roughly 10 % of listed places of worship are at danger or vulnerable. Without intervention, this figure will probably increase much more structures fall-out of regular usage while the resources open to look after all of them diminish.

The goal of this strategic action plan, for that reason, is to find ways in which these cherished structures can retain or restore their value in the middle of Welsh communities, along with their relevance sustained or improved. The plan should assist support the management of change such that it is responsive to the breadth of worth that buildings could have and permits a full number of options to be considered whenever distinguishing appropriate arrangements for future usage and care. To this end, the main focus regarding the action plan is on folks and communities using, enjoying and seeking after our historical locations of worship.

E-cigs face being banned in public places in Wales
E-cigs face being banned in public places in Wales
Lost Places #5: Talysarn Hall (North Wales)
Lost Places #5: Talysarn Hall (North Wales)
Wales places not secure - Gatland
Wales places not secure - Gatland
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